BCH | Jan 16 2013 | Big Daddy Bud


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Sista Stroke

London, UK

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BCH | Jan 16 2013 | Big Daddy Bud

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, has mos def brought some tunes that’ll make you werk up a sweat and get your dancing kicks just a bit scuffed. A true sign of a DJ who has done their job.

Big Daddy (Umm, can we call you that for short?) is about to celebrate his 20th year as a Decknician and owes it all to a visit to a warehouse district of Chicago where, he says, his life was changed forever. He grew up being fed a steady daily diet of sounds from Motown, and through the years became an accomplished bass and guitar player until that fateful night that he stumbled into a warehouse in Chicago where, we’re guessing, it just all came together. his musical background instilled his love of Funk and lead him down the path to what has now become signature sounds of deep and funky chunky; soon we’ll be able to play those sounds of his, because 2013 has found him taking his musical roots to the production level and … well, all I’ve gotta say is this: if his original productions are anything like the music he plays out – sign. me. up! We loved Bud’s feelgood music, and hope it brings you, Freaks and Freakette’s, the heat needed to keep you warm and movin’ on those cold winter journeys.

Till next week, Freaks … Enjoy Music and Freak Freely – Sista‚ô•