Brick City House

BCH: BrickJack Boogie | 12-12-12 | Ed Marco/Menno Overvliet


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Brick City House

Sista Stroke and Brick City House

London, UK

Description: Welcome to your Mid-Week Freak! No bullsh*t. No commercials. No drunk people bumping into the decks. Just some damn good music comin' atcha' - weekly - from a Brick City House

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BCH: BrickJack Boogie | 12-12-12 | Ed Marco/Menno Overvliet

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).  Warning: Ed and Menno delivered sets that left everyone, listening in live plus kicking it in the chat room, with hurt feet and sweaty bodies unable to keep still. I have no doubt that you’ll feel the same way. Hope you enjoy ‘em, Freaks and Freakette’s!

BIG Love to All the DJs – you guys delivered! Big Love to all the Freaks in the chat room, and our listeners that stuck hard with us, and massive hugs of love to the subscribers. We do this for you, guys, and appreciate your support! Enjoy Music and Freak Freely – Sista♥

Triple 12 BrickJack Boogie Special:

(right-click and save link as…) Pt.2 – Sista Stroke vs. Menno Pt.3 – Menno vs. MrHun Pt.4 – MrHun Pt.5 – Sista Stroke Pt.6 – Ed Marco & Menno Overvliet (podcast)