Brick City House

BCH | Dec 05 2012 | BCH Res: Nick Dare


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Brick City House

Sista Stroke and Brick City House

London, UK

Description: Welcome to your Mid-Week Freak! No bullsh*t. No commercials. No drunk people bumping into the decks. Just some damn good music comin' atcha' - weekly - from a Brick City House

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BCH | Dec 05 2012 | BCH Res: Nick Dare

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Good afternoon Freaks!! events to Fabric, to plenty of parties and the longest running boogie night as resident decknician at Prologue (11yrs!), this DJ has made more than a name for himself – he’s made himself a mainstay. Also, don’t forget to  look for his releases on Lost My Dog, Wiggle, and Detour, to name a few – because ya’ don’t wanna miss out on any arsenal for thsse special sets!  Shout-out to Nick “the-bad-ass” Dare; ya’ always kill it, man!!

Special note here, y’all: Tomorrow, Wednesday 12/12/12, BCH and MrHun’s Jackumentory are joining forces for ten hours of Boogie funk with guests: Ed Fiasco (Glasgow, Scotland), Menno Overvliet (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Wayne Brett (London), and  and myself, of course. There’ll be beats, debauchery, funk, fun, boogie, and whatever else comes to mind when you think of “Good Times”. It’s not to be missed!

Enjoy Music and Freak Freely – Sista♥