BCH | Nov 14 2012 | BCH Res: Seraphim


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Sista Stroke

London, UK

Description: Sista Stroke - FreakFreely Freakcast - AMW.FM

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BCH | Nov 14 2012 | BCH Res: Seraphim

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on it – finally – HERE is last week’s BCH in its unedited, raw, debaucherious form; caught in two parts! One half will be delivered today, and the other will be available in your podcast tomorrow (it was 4hours of boogie, after all). One warning: We declared in the beginning of the show that we were on a mission to see how many bottles of wine it would take for us to be affected… and well … yea … turns out, it doesn’t take me much at all!!! :D Hope you enjoy it and, please, don’t judge us too harshly; we hadn’t been on deck together in over two years, and had some catching-up on fun to do. You can dig it, I’m sure.

Massive amounts of Love to Seraphim for making this evening of fun possible!! There’s a reason I’ve got so much love for that lady – and being a kick-ass DJ who delivers is just 20% of it. Freaks, this lady is GOLD.

Enjoy Music & Freak Freely, Freaks & Freakette’s! Peace, -Sista‚ô•