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Brazilianisms 080: Jake Pegg


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Brazilianisms: a podcast about Brazil


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Description: All about Brazil

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Brazilianisms 080: Jake Pegg

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Jake is an American musician with a love for all kinds of Brazilian music. He and his Forró band z'Bumba, create awesome authentic-sounding Brazilian music in Portland, Oregon.


  • Ritual Beating System were the two CDs that introduced Jake to Brazilian music.
  • See a full two-hour rendition of Cavalo Marinho on YouTube.
  • Read about the Rabeca Fiddle on Wikipedia.
  • Listen to a previous interview with the hosts of the Caipirinha Appreciation Society podcast.
  • Read about Forró on Wikipedia.
  • Read about the Zabumba drum on Wikipedia.
  • Watch a complete overview of the highlights.
  • Jake recommended the book Hello, Hello Brazil.
  • The two songs played during the podcast are Mousers of Moreland and Magalenha, which can be purchased digitally at on CD.

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Brazilianisms 079: The Return of Mike

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I chat with Mike again. When last we spoke in episode 69, he was in the U.S. planning to one day return to Brazil. Now he's living in São Paulo!


keywords: Brazil, travel, São Paulo, culture, interview...

Brazilianisms 078: Kacie

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I chat with Kacie, an American who spent time in Joinville, Santa Catarina teaching English...

Brazilianisms 077: Milton Has a Car

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Milton stops by to chat about his new car and driving in Brazil...

Brazilianisms VIDEO 012: Pampulha Church

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Recently, one Brazil's most renowned architects, Oscar Niemeyer, passed away. He died on December 5th, 2012, ten days before what would have been his 105th birthday. I learned of him on my very first visit to Brazil in the 80s when he was already an old man, and every time I returned to...

Brazilianisms 076: An Interview with Rafucko

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I chat with Rafucko, a Brazilian in Rio who blogs and produces YouTube videos in English about Brazil's social and political problems. (He also blogs and produces videos in Portuguese.) The tagline for his new show, entitled "Brazil Without Make-Up," is "An honest guide to...

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