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115 – Noir at the Bar Live pt 1


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Booked. Podcast

Livius Nedin and Robb Olson

Chicago, IL

Description: We tell you what to read.

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115 – Noir at the Bar Live pt 1

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Booked brings you a live Noir at the Bar reading from our recent visit to Corydon Indiana! Back on November 3rd, Livius and Robb drove from Chicago all the way to the Louisville KY area for a night of high-octane, high-volume (and in some cases, probably just high) stories from the Jed Ayres and Frank Bill camps in celebration of the recent release of the Noir at the Bar 2 anthology.

The night hosted eight total readers, over two hours total of reading. Because we’re not so sadistic, we decided to break up the reading into three episodes. the old 3/3/2.

In addition to a great reading, we picked up a ton of great books. Some signed print copies of Matthew McBride’s Frank Sinatra in a Blender, Noir at the Bar vol. 2, Jed Ayres’ F*ckload of Shorts, and the novella collection Uncle B’s Drive-In Fiction (with novellas by David James Keaton, CJ Edwards, Matt Funk, and more).

Hit the link below to listen in-browser, or download the episode and pray it’s not haunted!
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Click the author’s picture for their website, and the book titles to buy at Amazon

The event kicks off with the night’s emcee and first reader Jedidiah Ayres getting things started and reading from his story The Whole Buffalo, which appears in his short story collection F*ckload of Shorts, and originally appeared in Needle.

Following Jed, Carrie Gaffney steps up, reading her non-fiction piece When I Knew I Sucked At Writing Noir. Carrie is from the Indianapolis group Second Story, which is an organization that helps youth in the Indianapolis area “form positive attitudes about creative writing and improve their skills as writers.” She may also mention Booked. alum Richard Thomas during her reading.

Wrapping up this episode is Matthew McBride, author of Noir at the Bar vol. 2. This story was one of my favorites when we reviewed the anthology earlier on, and we were both very happy that Matt chose to read it that night. His quiet, somber tone really brought home the feel of the story.

For anybody curious, here is how Jed tracked the readers for the night. Really made washing his hands in the bathroom a little awkward…

Come back tomorrow for the next Noir At The Bar live reading episode… You can look forward to hearing Frank Bill, Lou Perry and Kirby Gann. Be sure to check out all of these authors and support them by buying their books either through their own websites or on Amazon.

And please be sure to get your copy of Noir at the Bar vol. 2 over at Subterranean Books in St. Louis. It’s a great collection of stories for a great cause: supporting independent bookstores! Click the book cover below to go to Subterranean Books’ website.

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