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Episode #86 – Quintessence of Dust


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Booked. Podcast

Livius Nedin and Robb Olson

Chicago, IL

Description: We tell you what to read.

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Episode #86 – Quintessence of Dust

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Booked reviews Quintessence of Dust by Craig Wallwork. Wallwork is the author of To Die Upon A Kiss and The Sound of Lonliness, as well as Revenge of the Zombie Pussy eaters from the collection Midnight Movie Creature Feature. Oh yeah, and his story Bruised Flesh appeared in Warmed and Bound, which Liv & Robb both really enjoyed.

We’ve got other good stuff to talk about this week as well. An interactive, steampunk-set Sherlock Holmes book (let’s face it, it’s probably the way Doyle would have wanted it), and Microsoft makes a $600 million play for the ebook industry. We get a little misty-eyed about what the future of the book industry may look like too. Check it out, melon farmers!

Hit the player for the ep, or download it and use it against Craig Wallwork in court (do they have court over there?)!

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Microsoft buys the Nook!
Steampunk Sherlock Kickstarter project

Next episode: is a (bit of a) surprise, but we’ll probably talk about the results of the Spinetingler Awards, we’ll have a very special (and very female) guest, and we may see the return of Skip Papersly and his wildly popular segment: Booked News!

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Craig Wallwork – In The Air Tonight and Sussudio