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Description: Podcast from Blog Oklahoma. Oklahoma blog-o-sphere updates; Oklahoma News & Commentary; blogging tips and tricks; and more from the Blog Oklahoma staff and members. For more information visit: http://

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Blog Oklahoma Podcast 75: A Christmas Special

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Merry Christmas Everyone.


Christmas Time Around The World by Geoff Smith

The Night Before Christmas by David Cahalan

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town by Dokken

Ill Be Home For Christmas by Twisted Sister

Christmas Time Is Here by Admiral Twin

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Chances End...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 74: Blog Oklahoma Update

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This is going to be a special episode to talk about the state of Blog Oklahoma, future plans for the web site, the web ring, the Blog Oklahoma Podcast, and several other projects in the works.


Im SO BUSY by The Alice Project

Gravity by Geoff Smith...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 73: Music Spectacular 7

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It's project time for me again. Between my day job and working on the Blog Oklahoma network, I've run out of time. But that's no excuse for missing a podcast more than one week in a row. So I think its time for another music spectacular, where we listen back to some of the best music played over th...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 72: It started with a flat tire

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Nothing starts your day off like a flat tire ...

In The News: Some of the latest from the Oklahoma blog-o-sphere and the main street media

Kellyology is dealing with Movie Addiction

The Lost Ogle reports on a North Tulsa landfill fire

Tasha Does Tulsa visits Clay's Barbershop...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 71: Hot week for wallpaper

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Did everyone catch the forecast for this week? It's seven days of temperatures above the century mark. So please everyone if you have to be outside, stay safe, some people can develop symptoms of heat stroke suddenly and without warning, if you feel even slightly dizzy, fatigued, or queasy, stop wh...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 70: Goodreads

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Hey everyone. Sorry I couldn't get a podcast out last week. I just got tangled up in other projects to properly work on one. To make up for it, I'm starting to roll out few new segments to the podcast that I hope you'll enjoy. But before we begin I'd like to congratulate Jari Askins and Mary Fall...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 69: a small cold dark north facing windowless office

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It's just too hot, too dusty, and too cat infested at the home office right now to do a podcast. So I brought my podcasting equipment down to the small cold dark north facing windowless office, all in the hopes I can do at least an adequate job in a cool cat free environment...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 68: Now on Wednesdays

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I'm back from vacation, I'm recording on a new day, and I've got a couple of new side project in the works that I'm excited to tell you about soon.  Needless to say I'm relaxed, reenergized, and raring to go.  Oh and you'll probably hear the air conditioner running in the...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 67: Guitars, Cadilacs, and Vuvuzelas

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I've been watch several World Cup matches over the last week or so and I've discovered something. They're 90 minutes long. So I've had to do something to keep my American short attention span in check. I've found on a few broadcasts I can switch language feeds. The other day I watch...

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