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What to do When It's Your Turn with Seth Godin


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Unmistakable Creative

Srini Rao goes in-depth with Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Danielle LaPorte, James Altucher and other art

Description: CANDID CONVERSATIONS WITH INSANELY INTERESTING PEOPLE. From performance psychologists, graffiti artists, ex-cons, best-selling authors, world-famous cartoonists, and media powerhouses, we uncover the story and turning points that have made them

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What to do When It's Your Turn with Seth Godin

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In this episode of The Unmistakable Creative, Seth Godin returns to the show to discuss his new book, It’s Your Turn.

  •  Leveraging books as a tool to change the people around you 
  • Writing a book that begs to be shared and gets under people’s skin
  • The choice between creative or cog that we’re always making 
  • Why we must be willing to be wrong to do work that matters
  • How the connection economy rewards people 
  • Our search for reassurance and how to stop it
  • Learning to take your work seriously and not personally
  • The mythical time when we think we’ll be ready
  • A look at  what school is actually for 


Stop Stealing Dreams


A book only happens when I can’t let an idea go

If you go into this saying, how do you know, you’ve already lost.  


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