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Bleeding Edge TV 462: Surface Touch Cover review


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Andru Edwards

Seattle, WA

Description: Andru Edwards hosts a technology show for those who are - and aren't - in the know. With a fresh approach, Gear Live's Bleeding Edge guides viewers through the news in the technology and gadget world.

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Bleeding Edge TV 462: Surface Touch Cover review

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We give you a look at the Touch Cover, the keyboard accessory for Microsoft's tablet, in this episode of Bleeding Edge TV. The Touch Cover offers a pressure-sensitive touch typing experience for the Surface, making it a super-thin, convenient way to type when using the tablet in kickstand mode with Windows RT. We give you a look at all the different colors available for the Touch Cover, attaching each to the Surface to give you a little bit of a fashion show, and review the overall functionality with a demo.

You can pick up the Touch Cover for $119.

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