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The Bit Loaders Show: Episode 15


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The Bit Loaders Show

The Bit Loaders

Baltimore, MD

Description: The Sound Byte is brought to you by, where we bring you all the week\'s news and new releases across all downloadable and cloud platforms in the video game industry. We cover PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam,

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The Bit Loaders Show: Episode 15

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Bitloaders Show number 15!
We have it in video again too!
This episode we try a new video setup which honestly got a little wonky but we hope to improve on it in later episodes.
All four of the main Bitloaders team make it this episode woo!

Listen as Graham tells the tales of his battle scars with mutant pony ninjas!
Be amazed as Sean shows off his menu navigation skills without a cursor!
Remember the past with Chris and his collection of not too recently lost artifacts!
Nod in agreement with Ryan’s wise words about the future!

Oh and some talk about video games and all that jazz.

Warning: Audio on my mic will blast in at times. Best not to listen at full volume.
We should have this fixed next show. Sorry for the goof.
Total show length = 1hr 32min
1:07 Intro
2:10 What we’ve been up to
10:12 What we’ve been playing
32:50 Site changes and forum talk, new features etc
44:28 Topics of the week: PS4 talk
58:58 PS4, downloadable games and backwards compatibility
1:29:29 Closing

Direct download – 1hr 32m @ 129MB

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