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The Bit Loaders Show: Episode 13


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The Bit Loaders Show

The Bit Loaders

Baltimore, MD

Description: The Sound Byte is brought to you by, where we bring you all the week\'s news and new releases across all downloadable and cloud platforms in the video game industry. We cover PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam,

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The Bit Loaders Show: Episode 13

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The Bitloaders Show is back baby!

Its been a good several months but we are back at it! Site has had a few changes and we finally get a chance to speak about it. It’s a little less organized than usual but we had some fun just kicking back and recording again so we hope you enjoy it too. Graham was unable to join us but we hope to have him back soon.

We talk about how I have the best vehicle in the world, go into the recent change in our site focus, how rumors of next gen anti-preowned DRM could effect the gaming industry and a little about the Wii U. Plus some random stuff in between for the fun of it.


2:24 — What we’ve been up to
9:40 — Site Direction changes and upcoming articles
20:40 — Anti-preowned DRM
28:35 — WiiU low sales in the UK
— and more!

Direct download – 48m @ 45MB

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