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Walking in Unity


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Beyond the Box

Raborn Johnson and Steve Sensenig

Description: Beyond the Box

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Walking in Unity

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UNITY. This seems to be a real buzz word in the Body of Christ, but seldom do we achieve it. What is unity? Does unity mean that we must all agree and affirm the same doctrines? Or, does unity mean that we must all lay aside our distinctive beliefs in an effort to not offend others, thereby having a unity based on just not talking about our differences? It seems like conservatives often choose conformity or uniformity while liberals often just don’t talk about differences. What if there were a third way? What if unity is best experienced when you get to be fully you without me ceasing to be fully me? What if unity means that we get to embrace others without compromising who we are, or forcing others to fit into our mold? Join Steve and Ray as they talk about navigating this “third way” of unity; a unity based neither on conformity nor silence, but on love.


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Notes From (Over) the Edge with Jim Palmer

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In this episode Ray is joined by Jim Palmer for an exhilarating discussion about spirituality, suffering, and being human. Jim has a knack for making otherwise ethereal, spiritual concepts feel both meaningful and practical. He believes that the spiritual life is something to be embraced by everyone...

The Chicken Manure Incident with Kevin Miller

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The Chicken Manure Incident " It was supposed to be a quick and dirty solution. Early in the morning on June 4, 2013, workers from the City of Abbotsford, BC pulled up to a homeless camp on the side of the road and dumped a truckload of chicken manure on the site. Intended as a quick and dirty way t...

Justice, Francis, and the Cost of Community with Jamie Arpin-Ricci

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In this episode Ray is joined by author and fellow “Beyond the Boxer”, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, for a discussion about intentional community, issues of justice, Francis of Assisi, and his book The Cost of Community. Join us as we chat about living in community, radical hospitality, co-housing, “shou...

Thinking Out Loud About Panentheism

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Prompted by a suggestion from listener Joshua, Steve and Ray fire up a discussion about Panentheism and whether or not it could be a helpful idea in our journey with God. Panentheism is to not to be confused with Pantheism (the belief that creation itself is God), but rather is the idea that the ent...

Groupcast – What Is Community?

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It's our first ever Groupcast! Groupcast is a new Beyond the Box feature that’s all about listening to and interacting with you, in order to explore life in Christ within the context of community. Speaking of community, in this first installment of Groupcast, that's exactly what we talk about. Com...

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