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Shroom with a View Episode 74: Symptomatic Legal Nihilistic Penguins Answering Questions


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Shroom with a View Episode 74: Symptomatic Legal Nihilistic Penguins Answering Questions

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Welcome to another episode of the SWAV podcast. The main audio for this episode was recorded several months ago when Co-Host and Nexus decided to try to record the start and end of various episodes in case we couldn’t make an episode for some reason. Needless to say it didn’t work out as planned. So this largely unedited chat is the result, and now you will have a glimpse as to why we have to edit out quite so much.

We discuss doing another folk or metal episode and the problems of academics giving overly long titles to papers which discuss fairly simple topics. In between we have a classic song from folk legend Davey Graham, another folk tune (10 points for anyone who can tell us what language it is in), a tune from Manowar and a fantastic cover of our old favourite Ganja Farmer.

The talk that is throughout this episode from Jason Scott is titled Why Tech Documentaries are Impossible and was given Defcon 13. It is available in full here:

Mr Scott is a documentary filmmaker who has produced BBS: The Documentary and Get Lamp: the text adventure documentary. Both films are available on you tube and we would strongly encourage you to watch them, as they document an important period of technological innovation that has strong resonances with what we do in podcasting today. To support Jason’s work we would recommend you visit the BBS documentary homepage and consider buying a copy. This can be found at full of files from BBS's in the early days of the Internet.

At SWAV we completely endorse Mr Scott’s approach to media and would encourage you to think about his words carefully. As usual there is much, much more and lots of rewards for regular SAWV listeners. This episode is perhaps not one for those that are new to us as there are many Easter eggs and running jokes to be found. 

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