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Shroom with a View Episode 71- C Double Bond O: fMRI and Psilocybin


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Shroom with a View Episode 71- C Double Bond O: fMRI and Psilocybin

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Welcome to Shroom with a View Episode 71. This week we attempt to resurrect a talk from the Breaking Convention conference. Before that nexus and Co-Host chat about various things including the Government’s “orders” to the ACMD for the coming year, the recent VS debate on ending the war on drugs and the shock news that the lovely people at Magic Flight will be sending us Launch Boxes to try. We finish this section with another excellent song from Citizen of Peace.

Then getting down to business, Nexus tries his best to brush us the audio from Robin Carhart-Harris’ talk Using fMRI to investigate the effects of psilocybin on brain function. The quality is the best we could get but read on, there’s more. Because we love you all so much here is a link to a similar talk given at the MAPS conference.

We then return for some more banter before finishing off the show. You can read the full letter to the ACMD here:

The main music for this podcast was given to us by CitZen of Peace. Who is a devoted student of Ayahuasca, Iboga and other Plant Teachers, and composes and records music, music mainly while being on diets with plants, he has received initiations in indigenous communities around the world approving his path of healing work through music. We thank him for the gift of his music and much more can be found at his lovely website at:

Thanks for the artwork for this episode go to @Hiddenplace

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