The BBQ Central Radio Show

December 18, 2012 – Official Archive


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The BBQ Central Radio Show

Greg Rempe

Description: The world's first radio show dedicated to bbgq and grilling

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December 18, 2012 – Official Archive

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Hour 1:

Pitmaster of Burnt Bean Co and X of the debut episode of season 4 of BBQ Pitmasters, Ernest Servantes joins me on the show. Ernest will break down the show for us and give us a little background on himself and the success he has found on the BBQ TV curcuit…if there is such a thing.

President of the KCBS, and one of the owners of BBQR’s Delight Wood Pellets, Candy Weaver, joins me to talk about her run for re-election to the KCBS Boad of Directors. We wil also get the latest information that KCBS as an organization has to offer.

Hour 2:

Kicking off the second hour, a regular contributor to the show, multiple time author, World Record holder and “Plankmaster”, Ted Reader joins me to talk some Holiday recipes.

Helping me close the show is Pitmaster of Killer Hogs BBQ Team and producer of How To BBQ Right, Malcom Reed joins me. Tonight we hit how to properly cook pork tenderloin (on eof my favorite custs) and we will also talk a little bit about BBQ competition cooking classes.

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