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December 4, 2012 – Official Archive


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The BBQ Central Radio Show

Greg Rempe

Description: The world's first radio show dedicated to bbgq and grilling

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December 4, 2012 – Official Archive

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Hour 1:

The “Head Shed Head” Brad Orrison joins me to talk about the institution that is The Shed.  Brad will break down how he got in to BBQ, when they opened the Shed and what being on TV has been like for him and how it has helped their business.  Brad is a ball of energy…this has all the promise of an instant classic segment!

Trying out some new equpiment…I got my dirty little mitts on a Pit Barrel Cooker.  While I haven’t cooked on it yet, I will give you an in-depth look at this cooker and what comes with it.  Thanks to Noah Glanville for the cooker!

Hour 2:

Scott Nelson of Pigskin BBQ, Ryan Newstrom of Big T’z Q Cru and Joe Beland of Tippy Canoe BBQ Crew join me for a “King of the Smoker” Round Table.  As many of you know, this event will be taking place this coming weekend…big prize money up for grabs and a level playing field draw even more attention to this competition being put on by Big Poppa Smokers.

Helping me close the show is one of the best BBQ pit makers out there today.  George Shore of Pitmaker joins me to talk about his brand of cooker and how it is different from other cookers available for sale in the marketplace.

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