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Versus eBay Slave Traders and The Samurai Crackers


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Versus eBay Slave Traders and The Samurai Crackers

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This week on the Bastardcast anti-gravity Anne joins the boys as they deal with a deansapointing porno, Keanu Reeves turning Japanese, eBay ruining slave doll profiteering, Robin Williams ruins twitter, and Maxim tells us that women prefer serial killers to toy collectors.

Also on the show: why the man who brought us Felicity may not screw up Star Wars, why Jenny Olsen is an upgrade over Jeremy Olsen, and why Adam Sandler might just “Zohan” Guardians of the Galaxy. All that and a plethora of shitty impressions by the fat one.

Wanna be our friend on twitter? It really isn’t that hard and we aren’t all that selective. Just follow us @RadioBastard and bask in the glow of intermittent genius.

The Bastardcast: An emporium of fancy dick jokes and other sparkling repartee.

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