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Versus The FINAL PODCAST (of 2012)


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Description: RadioBastard.Com Presents: The BastardCast, The Official Podcast of

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Versus The FINAL PODCAST (of 2012)

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We survived! The genuine, accept no substitutes BastardCast crushed the Christmapocalypse and this week we’re back to talk about an Amazing Spider-Man, an Astonishing Stan Lee, and a Re-Employed Gail Simone. Following that, the boys continue their shameless public felating of Kevin Smith (He isn’t hiring any more “friends” Jeremy!), discuss the Django Unchained¬†linguistic hullabaloo, the chances of building an actual Enterprise, asteroids, and pirates and the films that they love.

After that, Jeremy and Jason welcome back who ate everything on the Hobbit menu at Dennys… may he rest in peace.

All that and MOAR (Which is not a word!) on The Bastardcast!

The Bastardcast, people actually listen to this shit.

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