Badugi All-Stars

Badugi All-Stars

TecmoSuperBowl, NixonTheGrouch, and 2fouroffsuit

Description: Poker + bad jokes

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Episode 33: Adrian Foster, Australian For Beer – Guest: Diamond Flush

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Nixon goes to bootcamp, Tecmo answers the friend question, and 2four gets ready for fantasy football. TJ hugs the rail about Planet Hollywood. Guest "Diamond Flush" talks about the Full Tilt Poker acquisition and the future of online poker. Mitch spends more than a minute hosting a game show...

Episode 30: I Hope There’s No Spaghetti Involved – Guest: Tommy Angelo

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Nixon goes bowling, Tecmo reveals his dating strategy, and 2four reports on his yard sale. Nixon and 2four review another hand from Tecmo. TJ hugs the rail at Treasure Island. Author and poker player Tommy Angelo talks about his World Series of Poker trip, explains why he doesn't play WSOP events, g...

Episode 29: I’m Looking For A Sturdy, Hefty Girlfriend – Guest: Bart Hanson

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Nixon talks about his barbecue. 2four digs himself into a hole, and Tecmo jumps in after him. Nixon and 2four review a hand from Tecmo's home game. TJ hugs the rails about Caesar's Palace. Interview guest Bart Hanson talks about his World Series of Poker, the cash games at the Rio, and doing comment...

Episode 28 – A Wynn Win Situation – Guest: Vincent “soepgroente” van der Fluit

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Tecmo reviews his Vegas trip, Nixon talks about going to concerts, and 2four talks about soccer (again). TJ and Tecmo hug the rail about Harrah's poker room. 2012 WSOP bracelet winner Vincent van der Fluit discusses his World Series, triple draw strategy, life as a bracelet winner, and satelliting i...

Episode 26: Can I Lock You Up A Seat? – Guest: Nolan Dalla

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Nixon gives the latest on his war with crows, 2four bets against simplicity, and Tecmo brags about being the best in his rollerblading age group. World Series of Poker Media Director Nolan Dalla talks about this year's WSOP including new events like the One Drop, recent rule changes, and how poker...

Episode 25: Swiss Pork Rolls – Guest: Aaron “WiltOnTilt” Wilt

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2four describes his scotch, Nixon talks about his ongoing war with crows, and Tecmo talks about why he's the best in his home game (again). In "Hugging The Rail", TJ reviews the Rio. Aaron Wilt tells us about poker since Black Friday and his upcoming ebook "Learning Poker: Roadblocks To Success",...

Episode 24: Can’t A Man Urinate In Peace? – Guest: Matt Stout

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In this week's episode, 2four learns to identify his dog and talks about his recent trip. DNixon makes excuses about his recent appearance in a Deuces Cracked video. Hugging The Rail covers the Orleans poker room. Lock Poker pro Matt Stout discusses his poker background, his experience with tourna...

Episode 23: Let Me Guard Your Girlfriend – Guest: Ed Miller

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2four talks about his Las Vegas trip and Tecmo decides which events to play when he goes to Vegas. TJ and guest rail hugger 2four review the Mirage and go over a hand they played. Poker author Ed Miller talks about his new book "Playing The Player", live poker in Vegas, and how length of pants corr...

Episode 22: The Rattier The Better – Guest: Zach Elwood

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Tecmo and 2four talk dogs and tables, then Nixon and 2four review a hand from Tecmo's home game. Hugging The Rail discusses the Venetian. Zach Elwood, author of "Reading Poker Tells", goes over how to integrate tells into your game, common tells, protecting your own tells, a tell he found in Pius He...

Episode 21: Solve For X – Guest: Jay “KRANTZ” Rosenkrantz

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Nixon and 2four help Tecmo with his alegbra homework. Hugging The Rail covers the poker and wildlife of MGM. Guest Jay "KRANTZ" Rosenkrantz talks about the BOOM Documentary, the future of The Micros, and his latest series at DeucesCracked. Mitch talks a mile a minute about the imperial system...

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