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Episode 104: Victims Of Political Theater


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The Axiom Amnesia Theory

Heit & Cheri

Description: The Axiom Amnesia Theory

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Episode 104: Victims Of Political Theater

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We are all victims of political theater in one way or another, but we have a choice–either accept media manipulation or think for ourselves. It really is that simple. On this episode of the Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri challenge you to see through the political theater and manipulation to the core issues with which we are faced.

Topics discussed include the world not ending on 12/21/2012, the 2036 doomsday asteroid, Obama’s nomination of John Kerry for Secretary of State, NRA press conference in response to CT school shootings, moment of silence for CT school shooting victims, whether Ryan Lanza (brother of the CT school shooter) is a victim, media manipulation of the public regarding school shootings and gun law reform, fiscal cliff, death of Hawaiian Senator Daniel Inouye after 55 years in office, history of Biden vs. Bork for Supreme Court, Biden’s changing attitude on gun control, snow forecast for Christmas, calling in sick/playing hooky from work, and more!

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Segment 1
  • Discussion about the world not ending on 12/21/2012, as was predicted by lots of people based on the Mayan calendar.
  • Discussion about how people have a tendency to believe cultures from long ago are “right” about their beliefs and predictions. What makes them any more right than people are today?
  • Discussion about the next doomsday being the 2036 asteroid. In 2029 the asteroid will come near Earth, then will boomerang and smash into the planet in 2036.
  • Last week on Friday, President Obama formally introduced Senator John Kerry as his nominee to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
  • Kerry was the one who invited Barack Obama to speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. This speech really put Obama on the national stage.
  • Kerry was also instrumental in helping Obama prepare for the debates during the election.
  • Kerry’s nomination is Obama’s way of repaying him. Kerry really has no real credentials for this position. He is a wealthy elite and that’s all the experience he needs.
  • Discussion about UN Ambassador Susan Rice being the first choice for this position, yet dropping out after controversy over her statements made following the Libyan embassy attack. She basically rolled over and gave Republicans what they wanted.
  • Discussion about who will fill Kerry’s Senate seat.
  • Discussion about the Reconstruction. He is a member of the Tea Party.
  • Discussion about how many Black Liberals are trying to make his presence a big deal–just because he is a Black man in the Senate.
  • Discussion about the NRA’s press conference after the CT school shootings. They think that experienced, trained armed people should be present in every school across the United States.
  • This is a stupid idea, because it addresses a problem that doesn’t exist to the extent that a policy change is warranted.
  • People only wanted the NRA to respond so that they could criticize their response.
  • Discussion that people are trying to push this notion that all people who support the idea of self defense are supporters of the NRA. They use this tactic in an attempt to discredit the idea of having the right to bear arms.
  • Discussion about the NRA wanting well-trained volunteer gun owners/experts to be the ones protecting the schools. Consequently the program wouldn’t rely on the
  • Discussion about websites went “silent” for the observance.
  • Discussion about the idea of who qualifies as a victim.
  • Discussion about the media propaganda that is manipulating the way people see the CT school shooting. 28 people are dead, yet we now have people using this magic number of 20 people killed–focusing only on the 20 murdered children.
  • Discussion about people who responded to Ryan Lanza (the older brother of the alleged shooter Adam Lanza who was originally fingered as the shooter) decided to post a RIP message to his mother and brother on his Facebook page. People were outraged by this. Some people suggest that Ryan Lanza, the brother who had nothing to do with the massacre, is not a victim. This is pure BS. He is just as much a victim of this event as the families of others who lost loved ones. Why should Ryan not be allowed to grieve for his mother and brother with a simple RIP message? UPDATE: interview to the New York Post.
  • Whether Ryan Lanza actually made the statement that he is a victim does not change the fact that he is a victim of these events.
  • Do people who have a loved one who has done something wrong stop loving them because of what they did? Absolutely not!
  • Discussion about what makes Ryan Lanza a victim of these events. People are holding him responsible for the things that he didn’t do. Essentially, they are holding him accountable for just being a member of the Lanza family.
  • People’s emotionalism doesn’t allow them to see how they are being manipulated by the media for the purposes of supporting gun law reforms.
  • Discussion about how the disparages in crack cocaine sentencing was brought about by the frenzy of people in the 1980s.
  • Discussion about the profiling of white males, since the majority of people who perpetrate mass shootings are white males.
  • To the folks advocating for gun laws: Who do you think will be left with the legal right to own a gun after all the reforms are done?
  • Discussion about the fact that it is illegal for felons to own body armor. The fact that you have been labeled as a criminal means that you lose the right to defend yourself. Once you’re convicted, nobody cares if you’re killed.
Segment 2
  • Discussion about Barack Obama’s press conference on Friday about the fiscal cliff, yet everyone’s going on vacation.
  • Everyone is pointing fingers at one another about whose fault the whole fiscal cliff debacle.
  • Discussion about the death of Hawaiian Senator Daniel Inouye, who had been in the Senate since Hawaii became a state. Obama spoke at his memorial service. He held his seat for about 55 years. This is ridiculous!
  • Discussion about Vice President Biden and Senator Kerry also having been in the Senate/government for a long time.
  • Biden actually was part of the Democratic Congressional leadership that effectively Bork died this week, reigniting the discussion over his failed nomination:
  • Senator Ted Kennedy said that if Bork was on the court, Blacks would be sitting at segregated lunch counters.
  • Discussion about a Facebook photo that points out some of the things Vice President Joe Biden said about gun control and Barack Obama in the past:
  • Discscussion about how politicians don’t want to give up their guns, but they want the citizens to give up theirs.
  • Discussion about how politicians say whatever is convenient at the time, but change their stances as needed.
  • No matter which “side” of the gun debate you’re on, consider staying away from the propaganda. Think about the world you envision and make your decision based on what you think should happen.
  • Discscussion about how everyone is making money off of manipulating the average American. They even have bullet-proof backpacks for children!
  • Discussion about snow for Christmas in Texas.
  • Discussion about one of Heit’s co-workers being told to try to make it in to work after he called in after a snow storm. People here in Texas are not good at driving in the snow, so it’s dangerous out there!
  • Discussion about a recent study that said that people are often lying when they call in sick to work.


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