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Episode 093: Capitalism Equals Classism


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The Axiom Amnesia Theory

Heit & Cheri

Description: The Axiom Amnesia Theory

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Episode 093: Capitalism Equals Classism

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Let’s face the truth–Capitalism equals Classism. If you believe in the system of capitalism, then you believe that it is okay for some classes to “have” their needs met (and then some), while other classes suffer. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri challenge you to make some logical connections between the support of capitalism, corporatism, and the resulting classist society in which we find ourselves.

Topics discussed include booty implants gone wrong, capitalism, anarchism, land ownership, classism, passing wealth down through different generations, better ways of distributing resources, and more!

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Segment 1
  • Discussion about the woman who got a booty implant that went wrong, leaving her able to flip the implant around.
  • Further discussion about booty implants and other booty alterations.
  • Discussion about people who say, “I don’t mind there being rich people, and I don’t mind there being corporations. I just want them to pay their fair share, and I don’t want the corporations to force the government to do things with its money.”
  • This is evidence that people do not understand the purpose of a corporation–to maximize profits for their shareholders. Everything about the whole reason for bringing a corporation into existence revolves around money.
  • A corporation is not a person. It has no potential to have a conscious and is wrought with diffusion of responsibility for any wrongdoing to advance its agenda. Why are we surprised when the corporation views human lives, and the expenditure or sacrifice thereof, as a commodity?

  • The whole notion of “corporate responsibility” is a joke. Corporations are not people, and do not have consciences. Corporations allow people to stand behind decisions that corporations make and feel no responsibility for its bad decisions.
  • Discussion about the free market and the notion of the government standing in the way of companies doing the right thing.
  • Wy do companies give to charity? Because they are getting good PR and tax rates at the same time. They benefit from their giving.
  • Corporations are just a tool of the greedy. Both governments and corporations are just groups of people. The government itself is a corporation.
  • Discussion about the notion that if you just “work an honest day’s living,” then you can “succeed.”
  • If you believe the system of capitalism, then you must accept that you believe that having a class system of “haves” and “have-nots.”
  • Discussion about the hijacking of the word “anarchy” and “anarchism.” People are leading folks to believe that anarchism means “no government.”–not true.
  • Limited government is not anarchism.
  • Discussion of where anarchism fits in the continuum of other approaches.
  • People should just come out and say, “Yeah I’m a corporatist!”
  • Discussion about the logistics of implementing another form of government.
  • Should people be able to pass their wealth on to their family after they die? Should it just go back to the state?
  • This all ties into the problem with land ownership and property. The person with the most land will pretty much rule.
  • In the beginning, people “claimed” the land, they didn’t buy it.
  • Imagine if you were able to roam freely on the earth, and settle wherever you liked.
  • What is the area of the world that is livable space? If we divided that among the earth’s population, how much space would each person get?
  • Assuming the population of the earth is about 7 billion, arable land–land that people can grow crops on–is about 13,805,153 sq km = 3.4 billion sq acres. This means that each of the seven billion people could get half an acre. If you include all land, they could have over an acre each. A family of five could have at least five acres of land.
  • If this happened, people would start to make deals with each other for the land.
  • What if the land “ownership” was more of a “squatter’s rights” sort of thing? If I see there is nothing here, and I build a house here and till the nearby land, then I can use the land.
  • Discussion about people’s tendency to try to hoard resources and land. Wouldn’t the same situation occur all over again?
  • Discussion about the idea of generations of people who lose out because of a bad decision on the part of one of their ancestors. It would be cool if the ownership was renewed when people were born or died.
  • Discussion about how land and huts were handled in Kunta’s tribe on the movie “Roots.” People just built their huts on the available land, which belonged to the community.
  • If you say you care about people, then you wouldn’t be emphasizing competition in situations where people who cannot compete suffer.
  • How should the situation of land that is more desirable be handled?
  • Discussion about the idea of community gardens and farms.
  • Discussion about fruit trees lining the streets in many parts of Mexico–many have limes on them that are thrown away. Cheri recounts picking limes from the street for personal use during the time when she lived in Mexico.
  • If more places grew food trees, you wouldn’t have as many hungry people in the world.
  • Discussion about people growing food instead of lawns.
  • Discussion about organizations that exist solely to provide endorsements and accreditation.
  • The fundamental question is what does it mean when you say that you are for corporations, or in favor of the idea? It means that you are in favor of the idea that some people will have their needs met and more, while others won’t.
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