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Episode 090: Protect & Serve? No, It’s Attack & Disturb! [Music/Video]


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The Axiom Amnesia Theory

Heit & Cheri

Description: The Axiom Amnesia Theory

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Episode 090: Protect & Serve? No, It’s Attack & Disturb! [Music/Video]

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The police’s motto “Protect & Serve” would be better represented as “Attack & Disturb.” Far too often we see the police doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing–using excessive force, racial profiling, and executions are a few of the consistent infractions.

On this musical episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri explore police brutality and executions via their commentary and analysis of “Killers” by Ice-T and “Protect & Serve” by UGK. You’ll also hear updates on the Trayvon Martin case, Jordan Davis, Baltimore Spectator Standoff, and other cases of police brutality and execution.

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Segment 1

  • Update on the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case. There is a new picture circulating of George Zimmerman, supposedly taken the night of the murder. However, if you look at that pic, along with others supposedly taken that day, do you notice something odd?
  • The two pics on the left do not even look like they were taken on the same day. How did his nose swelling go down so fast? He also looks thinner in the bloody nose pic.
  • On November 30th, Mark O’Mara and the defense filed a motion to compel production of evidence from third party for Attorney Benjamin Crump’s Cell phone so that he can retrieve the interview with witness DeeDee (Witness#8).
  • Much of this trial is going to come down to whether you believe the prosecution or the defense.
  • Discussion about how the defense plans on using this evidence.
  • Discussion about the case of a Valero store clerk shooting a customer after being punched in the face by him. The clerk actually unlocked the door and confronted the man with a gun in his hand:
  • The clerk, who was eventually fired so that the store owner can continue to make money off of the community, went looking for a fight. The man and his family member who were shot were unarmed. True, that the man punched him in the face, so a punch back would have been self defense. It is not self defense to go looking for a fight with a gun in your hand.
  • Discussion about how people use the “I feared for my life” excuse to shoot and kill people.
  • Discussion about the Jordan Davis case, in which a 17-year-old Black male was shot by a 54-year old white male after an argument over loud music at a gas station. The man fired eight times into the vehicle, leaving Jordan dead from two shots that struck him. The man says he saw a shotgun in the vehicle, but none was found:
  • Discussion about police endangering the community by participating in car chases. They have the plate and can pursue the person later. They should be trying to preserve life.
  • Discussion about the man who was tasered by police for not showing his ID on command:
  • Police are so used to harassing people based on profiling that it needs to be addressed.
  • Discussion about Melissa Harris-Perry’s monologue on the danger of being a Black male in America:
  • Review of the new Alicia Keys Album, “Girl On Fire,” is the best song on the album.
  • Discussion about Alicia Keys duet with Maxwell on the album. Cheri says that whenever she thinks of Maxwell, she thinks of his song from the movie “Love and Basketball“:

Song 1: “Killers” – Ice-T

A man took an ad on t.v.
To enroll in the police academy
He’s very talented outstanding proof
From his clean-cut appearance to the shine on his boots
When it comes to graduation he’s number one
An expert with a rifel and also a gun
Three weeks on the beat and his weak nerves crack
And fires four warning shots into a kid’s back

Killers! these are the killers
Killers! the coldhearted killers
Killers! bloodthirsty killers
Killers! beware of the killers

A young girl marries an older man
With more money than you can understand
He smothers her with pearls and jewelry
And they both seemed as happy as they could be
But three months later she’s sad but content
Seems he had an unexpected accident
The girl said he would be hard to forget
As the papers interviewed her while she flew his jet

Killers! these are the killers
Killers! she was the killers
Killers! the coldhearted killers
Killers! beware of the killers

It’s time for all to work together for peace
’cause everybody’s doomed if the killings don’t cease
Street homicide war it’s all the same
’cause murder is murder by any name

An young man loses his only job
To proud to hustle too honest to rob
He goes to tell his family an his wife
But an argument breaks out she grabs a knife
Tempers escalate to a total rage
Shots burst out from a loaded twelve-gauge
They call it mass murder suicide
But somebody tell me why the kids had to die

Killers! these are the killers
Killers! the coldhearted killers
Killers! bloodthirsty killers
Killers! beware of the killers

Vietnam vet home from the war
Can’t get a job in a candy store
Unemployment hurts and he’s living proof
So to take out his frustration he climbs on the roof
He shows no pity as victims are shot
The only thing to stop him are the bullets from swat
Ten people died on a sunny day
But tell me who taught him how to shoot that way

Killers! these are the killers
Killers! you know the killers
Killers! beware of the killers
Killers! are you a killer?

It’s time for all to work together for peace
’cause everybody’s doomed if the killings don’t cease
Street homicide war it’s all the same
’cause murder is murder by any name

A known criminal is sentenced to death
Now the legal system controls his last breath
He tries to fight execution with petitions and pleas
And a pardon from the governor is all he needs
He cries out for mercy but nothing’s spared
And on his day of termination he’s strapped in a chair
High voltage fills his body in a …… jail
And all of the people of vengeance grail

Killers! the coldhearted killers
Killers! bloodthirsty killers
Killers! the mercilessness killers
Killers! are you a killer?

Couldn’t get a girl let me tell you all why
He tried to be down like all the rest
Had girls in his hair gold on his chest
He rolled around town in a coup deville
But he had no money he was broke as hell
Ladies love money and he needed more
So he tried to steal something out a liquor store
But before georgie-porgie could get away
The man pulled out his gun and blew him away

Killers! the coldhearted killers
Killers! are you a killer?
Killers! the merciless killers
Killers! beware of the killers

It’s time for all to work together for peace
’cause everybody’s doomed if the killings don’t cease
Street homicide war it’s all the same
’cause murder is murder by any name

Politicians plan for power eacha nd every day
We are all just puppets in the games they play
They manipulate the message to attain their goals
And for simple re-election they will sell their souls
Nuclear supremacy is the ultimate thrill
So our tax we pay is paid for overkill
…………………. up to the skies
While we all pray to god the missiles never fly

Killers! these are the killers
Killers! they are the killers
Killers! are you a killer?
Killers! don’t be a killer

It’s time for all to work together for peace
’cause everybody’s doomed if the killings don’t cease
Street homicide war it’s all the same
’cause murder is murder by any name

  • The song is so old school, both the beat and the flow. The stuff he was talking about is still going on today.
  • Discussion about the movie “Colors.”
  • Discussion about the press conference held by the Lake Charles, LA police as a result of three homicides in the city. At the press conference the police spoke as if the accused were guilty and the news media bought into the action.
  • One of the accused was allegedly on work release from prison, so now the police say they will examine the process to ensure it never happens again. Why are they looking at the process if they haven’t determined his guilt yet? They are assuming guilt.
  • Supposedly, in the case of the police chase discussed earlier there was someone recording the case. It is unclear whether the shooting was recorded.
  • Discussion about Saturday’s standoff between the Baltimore Police and Baltimore Spectator, a blogger.

    Police say James MacArthur, 47, violated probation from 2002 after being found guilty for carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

    MacArthur made several posts on twitter and comments on his blog, The Baltimore Spectator, that suggested that he knew police would be looking for him.
    Source: ABC

  • Baltimore Spectator actually live broadcast his four-hour standoff with the Baltimore SWAT’s negotiator:
  • Baltimore Spectator goes around recording the police and exposing the corruption in the city. You can find the tweets that Baltimore Spectator sent here.
  • The police say that it wasn’t the actual tweets that caused them to send SWAT.
  • His decision to record the negotiator may well have saved his life. He was live tweeting during the standoff.
  • People were divided on social media. Some people felt that he was an attention whore, and others who understood the need for him to reach out. He needed the attention to avoid being harmed.

Song 2: “Protect & Serve” – UGK

(fuck the police, fuck the police, fuck the police, fuck the police)

[Pimp C:]
mr. copper mr. copper can we speak?
how many niggas do you beat down in a week?
and do you get a kick when you beat a nigga down with that mutha fuckin stick,
so you can suck a nigga dick.
Rodney king really fucked me up at first
but at least he didn’t go home in no herse.
alotta niggas did, alotta niggas die
cause (bang bang bang) with yo mutha fuckin 9.
but no me pappy, ill cap that badge
a ratta-tat-tata-tat-tata-tat-tat uh yea
so don’t even think about tryn to play me bitch
ill gat ya down with my fuckin .38 ya bitch
ya got suga in ya nuts just like them grip niggas
aint shit without that stick and that fuckin trigga
and yo I think it is my duty
to slice some laws thoroughly, cause they killed my nigga rudey and I don’t think that’s right

the policemen are you friends
(but all my niggaz say) they’re here to protect and serve
the policemen are your friends
(and all my niggaz say) they’re here to protect and serve

[Bun B:]
I try to keep my face off the street
cause that 99 always wanna swear
it was me at the scene of the crime,I wasn’t there
bitch I was at home with blistered feet
soakin my dogs, wit my girl smoking a swisher sweet
but before I could put my nikes back on
I pulled to the curb by some blue and white tryn to get there jack on
even though I had the right inspection
tricka they still dick a nigga like an erection
lookin for a mutha fuckin criminal, he aint here
pussy mutha fuckas, what color you painting fear
but you can color me bad
like them crackas and there choking
but understand the real when its smoking
im loccin and smokin, niggas is fightin fast
now your lil trifling ass is doomed to feel the boom of my titan of class
so with my 9 ill buck up a trick
and a crooked cop just might get shot
just for the fuck of it


[Bun B:]
fuck the fast laws, make ya blow on the trigga squeeze
I don’t want to kill a cop
I just wanna bust that nigga in his knees
and watch him squirm and squeal as I buck him there
get down on the floor hoe you aint goin no fuckin where
one in yo arms, yo knees, yo shoulda
im laughin like joka, now turn your punk ass over, bitch
but this aint for my brotha
its strictly for my niggas whose triggas died undercover, no lovas motha fuckas
suck a dick, imma let you tell it
bird state you be diggin all yall ass
and yall know ya wanna smell it
fools, so gon take a sniff
and right before ya choke, catch the smoke
from the chrome and the spliff

[Pimp C:]
out, nigga, from the clic that don’t stop
barkin at a cop with a pocket full of rocks
so call (_some_mother_fuckers_name_edited_) and tell him what I said
I know ya got a vest so im aiming at your head
bloody, red, im going to your funeral im spraying hoes with lead
fuck respect for the mother fuckin dead
cause I don’t give a fuck about a punk ass fed
i’m splittin niggaz wigs and leavin pussies on they head
and ill be god damned if i don’t get (_name_edited_) they gonna want to come and get em
so ashes to ashes and bless his soul
now bend his ass over so I can fuck him with his stick in his ass hole


  • Mannie Fresh said that the strings from “Back Dat Azz Up” came from/were inspired by this song.
  • Discussion about the fact that the police seem to be doing the opposite of protecting and serving.
  • Discussion about which sample was used in the song.
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