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Modern Satanism #9


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Modern Satanism #9

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On this podcast Jesper Petersen joins Reap Paden and Doug Mesner (Lucien Greaves) to talk about Satanism, here.

We also discuss where satanism has been as well as where it might be going in the future.

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Modern Satanism #8

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Jex Blackmore talks about the Detroit Chapter of the Satanic Temple and why she is a satanist

Sin Jones talks and argues about whether there is an active threat to women's rights and explains the behaviors of some satanists who seem to have their own agenda of getting attention by any means...

Modern Satanism #7

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This episode will give you the opportunity to hear from Hunter Friedrichsen, who is starting the The Satanic Temple - Austin Chapter.

My Little Pony and the Smurfs aren't as innocent as you think. Mark Dice is even more ignorant than you thought and he is EXPOSED! Latest news on the 10 comman...

Modern Satanism #6

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There has been some resistance to the idea of placing a satanic monument at the Oklahoma Capital. Why are some people against the idea?  On this podcast you will find out in their own words. The ice bucket challenge is being called a 'satanic ritual' and He-Man cartoons may be the root of all evil...

Modern Satanism #5

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Lucien Greaves talks about the current social activism, future projects, and media coverage involving The Satanic Temple  and satanism.   

Monika C. Gottindottir provides some satanic reading recommendations...

Modern Satanism #4

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On this podcast you will hear about -

Paula White wants to help you...for a price

Janet Parshall from Moody Radio doesn't think anyone is born gay and she is at war against those who oppose her.

John MacArthur has a method for dealing with those pesky gay children...

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