Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge

The Throwing Down of Gauntlets – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #13


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Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge

Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge *

Description: A group of men and women from the affiliate marketing industry have banded together to lose weight and get in better shape.

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The Throwing Down of Gauntlets – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #13

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This week’s show consisted of myself, Jen Myers Ward and making his triumphant return to the metaphorical airwaves, Jared Saunders!

This time was all about laying down challenges. Jared is on a 40-day challenge: no restaurants, no ice cream, 15 push-ups a day, and 5 minutes of ab work a day. He will also try quinoa this week (something we’d been talking about in our private Facebook group). He’s also going to try a Crossfit workout.

I have a slightly less ambitious challenge. Two weeks no restaurants and no soda of any kind. Actually, mine might be tougher. The soda thing is going to be rough.

Jen’s challenge is to find time during her upcoming family trip to get in some workouts. As packed as her schedule is… maybe hers will be the toughest of the three challenges with week.

Thanks for listening!

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