Episode 238 – Almost Went Too Country


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Episode 238 – Almost Went Too Country

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The music in this episode lends itself to a very country orientation. I tried to even it out with some good rock music, so we didn’t go too country. I think it worked out well. Enjoy!

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Music in the weeks episode:

- Violent Shiver AND Chippewa by Benjamin Booker
(from Benjamin Booker)

- Counterfeiter’s Blues AND Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer by Corb Lund
(from Counterfeit Blues)

- Life Of Sin AND A Little Light Within by Sturgill Simpson
(from Metamodern Sounds In Country Music)

- The No-Hit Wonder AND You Make Me by Cory Branan
(from The No-Hit Wonder)

- 1,000 Years AND Red Violins by The Gaslight Anthem
(from Get Hurt)

- Let It Happen AND Punk Rawk Show by MxPx
(from Acoustic Collection)

- She Will Never AND Your Kind by Justin Payne
(from No Place Lower Than High)
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Mini-Mix submitted by Martin Clarke

- Down On The Bayou by William Clark Green
(from Misunderstood)

- Heartbreaker by Ryan Bales Band
(from Revival)

- Good Heart by Hogg Maulies
(from August Rain)



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Episode 237 – Don’t Be A Smart Ass

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This weeks episode is pretty straight forward. Along with a very unique Mini-Mix. Enjoy!

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Music in the weeks episode:

- Gone Crazy AND Preacher Man by Jack Cade And The Everyday Sinners

(from Lord Of The Empty Manor)

Episode 236 – I’ll Try Not To Bore You

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So it’s been about two weeks since the last episode. I was busy getting started on my radio program over at WSLR here in Sarasota. But I’ll try not to bore you with those details. Let’s just get back into podcast mode and get this started. Enjoy!

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Episode 235 – Don’t Judge An Album By It’s Cover

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A few bands in today’s episode took me by surprise. Judging by the band name or the album cover is supposed to give you a sense of what a band is about. Well… not all of these did that, and it’s a good thing. Enjoy!

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Music in the weeks episode:...

Episode 234 – What We’ve Been Striving For

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There’s a LOT of new music in this week’s episode, including a Mini-Mix to help out a great cause. Also in this episode I get to finally talk about something that I’ve working for. Enjoy!

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Music in the weeks episode:...

Episode 233 – The Dram

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In this week’s episode I have a few members of the Bradenton, FL band known as The Dram. We talk about music, listen to some good tunes, and they perform some of their fantastic music. It was a first for the Nerd Room Studio, having a trio perform and I enjoyed every minute of it! Enjoy!...

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