Episode 225 – Renewed Enthusiasm


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Description: Because Your Mix Tape Sucks

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Episode 225 – Renewed Enthusiasm

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I’m coming back this week with a renewed spirit about doing the show. I’ll explain why I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about recording the show anymore, and how I realized it was because of my own laziness. And as always, there’s some great music in today’s show. Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:

- Big Train Rollin’ AND Ten-Time Winner by The Wolftones
(from Neo-Rockin’ Blues-A-Billy)
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- Horse AND The Golden Road by Mighty Oaks
(from Howl)

- King Of Hollywood AND Horseshoe by Withered Hand
(from New Gods)

- Taking It Out On You AND Son Of A Plumber by Edward David Anderson
(from Lies & Wishes)

- Where The River Runs Cold AND Winds Of Change by The Infamous Stringdusters
(from Let It Go)

- Still Go On AND Skipping Stones by Big Shoals
(from Still Go On)

Mini-Mix Submitted by Jeffrey Fields

1 – Simple Twist Of Fate by Bob Dylan
(from Blood On The Tracks)

2 – She Used To Love Me A Lot by Johnny Cash
(from Out Among The Stars)

3 – Shiloh by Magnolia Electic Co.
(from Josephine)



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Episode 224 – Low Energy

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In this episode, I’m not quite up to par with my usual energy. I feel like I’m making it drag on with my mellow demeanor, so I try not to talk too much. Fortunately there’s an amazing amount of great music in this episode. Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:...

Episode 223 – Best Mix Of The Year?

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Is this possibly already the best mix of 2014? Truthfully I hope not. I don’t want to peak too early. But the mix that wants to top this one has to me amaze-balls. Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:

- Afraid To Die AND Back Fuck Forty by Rick Dodd And The Dickrods...

Episode 222 – I’m A Sucker For It

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There’s not much to put in the description this time. All I can say is that it’s another episode with some really amazing music. Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:

- Sugar Dyed Honey Pants AND Champagne Halloween by St. Paul And The Broken Bones...

Episode 221 – Full Force, Baby

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Here we go. I took last week off in order to recover from some dental surgery, but now we’re back in full force. Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:

- Really Wanna See You AND Chris Isaak by Lydia Loveless

(from Somewhere Else)

Episode 220 – Sometimes Life Is Good

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I got up early on a Saturday morning to enjoy the awesome weather we’re having down here in sunny Florida. Sometimes you remember that it’s important to relish in the good moments of life. So, this is a set of some good ol’ Americana rock ‘n’ roll to help with your mood...

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