Episode 243 – Uncle Tupelo Discography


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Description: Because Your Mix Tape Sucks

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Episode 243 – Uncle Tupelo Discography

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In this episode, I give a (somewhat) brief history of Uncle Tupelo, while covering their very short, and very praised catalog of albums. Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:

All Music is by Uncle Tupelo

- Graveyard Shift
(from No Depression)

- Outdone
(from 89/93: An Anthology)

- Factory Belt AND No Depression AND So Called Friend
(from No Depression)

- D. Boon AND Punch Drunk AND Looking For A Way Out
(from Still Feel Gone)

- Criminals AND Wait Up AND Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
(from March 16-20, 1992)

- The Long Cut AND Chickamauga AND No Sense In Lovin’
(from Anodyne)

- We’ve Been Had
(from Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO 05/01/94)

- I Wanna Destroy You (Soft Boys Cover)
(from 7 Inch Singles)


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Episode 242 – Avoiding The Recycled

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Sometimes I have to take a week off in order to accumulate some music that I feel is good enough to be on the show. Usually I have an influx of it, and maybe I do, and it’s right under my nose, but sometimes it all feels recycled. But, hopefully this week will perk up your ears a bit, and you&...

Episode 241 – Digital Mail Box

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In this episode I look into some music that’s been submitted to me digital through e-mail and DropBox. Completely unplanned and unprepared, so… Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:...

Episode 240 – Road Warrior

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This is another episode from the road. The audio quality of my voice is a little questionable, but there’s plenty of great music to distract you from that. Enjoy!

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Music in this episode:

- Save Yourself AND I Am Still The King by The Goddamn Gallows

(from The Maker)...

Episode 239 – Falling For Comfort

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This episode is ripe with brand new music, and I talk about getting sucked into the evil trap that is movie theaters with reclining barcaloungers.


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Music in this episode:

- I Don’t Care AND Right Time by Nikki Lane

(from All Or Nothing)

Episode 238 – Almost Went Too Country

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The music in this episode lends itself to a very country orientation. I tried to even it out with some good rock music, so we didn’t go too country. I think it worked out well. Enjoy!

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Music in the weeks episode:

- Violent Shiver AND Chippewa by Benjamin Booker...

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