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Brent Atwater

Description: Animal Reincarnation - Healing Animals with Medical Intuitive Animal Reincarnation authority Brent Atwater is your answer resource for USA & Global Animal reincarnation and Pet reincarnation questions. Brent’s show expands your awareness, ignites hope,

Most Recent Post - Alive Again - Episode 30 Pet Euthanasia: How and When to Put a Beloved Pet Down

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Feeling guilty over pet loss and PTS is not necessary. Making the choice to help your pet go to Rainbow Bridge is an important decision. Join Brent Atwater's discussion about the physical and spiritual aspects of pet death and euthanasia.

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Answers to questions from Brent Atwater's Pet Loss Facebook group and sent in by listeners!... - Alive Again - Episode 28 Animal Talk. How Do Pets Communicate with Humans?

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Animal Communication is it real or just in your head? Join Brent Atwater and learn about what your dog, cat and horse are thinking and feeling through the telepathic communication between humans and animals... - Alive Again - Episode 27 Do Pets Know When They are Going to Die?

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Stolen by a pet sitter, euthanized because she was a Pit Bull mix, Cleo returns after death directing her Guardian's search all along the way! Ollie died. In a dream, he provided specific instructions to his Mom about how to find and recognize his new Orange Kitty body! Learn there are NO coinci... - Alive Again - Episode 25 Animals Soul Contracts - What is the purpose of Dog Death or Cat Death?

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Pet death and loss can be the greatest teacher to help a person evolve in their life’s journey. Ask yourself- what did I learn from my pet’s death? Listen in to understand some of the reasons our pets die in order to help us grow forward...

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