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6 Sex-Inducing Foods

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Looking for a little boost in the bedroom? Everyone hits a rut once in a while. To bring the spark back to your love life, consider eating a few ‘sex-enhancing’ foods.

Certain foods can put the spark back in your sex life...

5 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Acid Reflux

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Fight acid reflux? Making lifestyle changes might help.Acid reflux got you down? While there are medications that can help, Dr. Shafiq Qaadri suggests making these lifestyle changes to keep the problem under control.

Don’t eat on the go...

5 Tips to Prepare for Spring Allergies

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Time to prepare for spring allergy season.For many, this winter seems never ending. Places like Minneapolis have battled through the coldest winter in 35 years. It’s not just the Midwest that’s dealt with Mother Nature’s wrath. Every time you turned on the news this winter another...

Lady Prelox: The New Viagra for Women?

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Men have multiple options for addressing sexual functioning with prescription drugs, but women do not.Viagra has been around long enough that it would be learning to drive if it were a human. In the nearly 16 years since the introduction of Viagra, several other medications for erectile dysfunction...

Can Cold Water Treat Heartburn?

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If you’re concerned about heartburn, give your doctor a call. If you’re reaching for antacids every night, it might be time to try a different heartburn remedy. While there are all kinds of home remedies that people swear by, the best option might be something simple: cold water...

Are Your Medications Causing ED?

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Could the medications that you take cause erectile dysfunction? Yes.If you’re having trouble performing in the bedroom, your prescription medication could be contributing to your problem. While there are many causes for erectile dysfunction, certain medications cause sexual side effects...

Menage a Wha? The Unusual Threesome of Penis Pumps, Medicare, and Taxpayers

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“Medicare” “penis pumps,” and “taxpayers” aren’t often grouped together as a concept, but a recent report by the US Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has indirectly highlighted the reality of sex among senior citizens due to inflated prices paid by Medicare for pumps designed to ad...

Survey: Men Willing to Take ED Meds From Unknown Sources

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A new study shows men are willing to take ED medications from unknown sources to avoid talking about the condition. A new survey shows just how embarrassing erectile dysfunction can be. A UK medical site conducted a survey of more than one thousand men, asking if they would take an impotence treatme...

Study Shows Couples Struggle with Discussions About Dieting

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Spending your life with someone requires being able to communicate effectively on touchy topics. A report on Huffington Post last year about couples’ communications stated that couples argue most frequently about money, sex, and plans about what to do with free time...

Zac Efron Takes Viagra in ‘That Awkward Moment’

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When you think of taking a pill to address ED, you probably think of Viagra first. Of all the prescription drugs available to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), Viagra has been around the longest, and perhaps because of the drug’s five-year head start on competitors Levitra and Cialis, it has become...
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