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New condom law?


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New condom law?

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A new ordinance in Los Angeles could put a kink in the pornography business. The city is home to dozens of porn studios and a new law is making some waves.

The law now requires actors in X rated films made in Los Angeles to use condoms.  Before this law, the business was allowed to regulate itself. Film producers believe this new change will drastically drop movie sales.

The debate continues

Moviemakers say adults don’t want to watch safe sex.

“Clearly, the viewing public doesn’t want to watch movies with condoms,” Steven Hirsch, an industry veteran and the founder of Vivid Entertainment told the NY Times. “If they mandate condoms, people will shoot in other locations.”

According to a NY Times article, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is thrilled about the new law, saying it promotes health and safety. The group is now hoping the same ordinance will be approved in other cities.

Filmmakers threaten to move studios

Some filmmakers in LA have threatened to move because of this new rule, which some worry could affect hundreds of jobs.

“My great concern is that most of the large studios have said that if there is a strict enforcement on this, they would leave,” Mitchell Englander, a Los Angeles city councilman who represents the San Fernando Valley said. “A lot of ancillary jobs are directly or indirectly related to this industry.”

Pornography is said to be a $13 billion industry in California and while some producers may try to leave, it could be a tough move. Few cities invite this kind of industry in, so the threat of picking up a studio and moving may be empty. Plus, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has made a promise to follow the filmmakers and push for similar rules wherever they set up shop.

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