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6 Sex-Inducing Foods


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6 Sex-Inducing Foods

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Looking for a little boost in the bedroom? Everyone hits a rut once in a while. To bring the spark back to your love life, consider eating a few ‘sex-enhancing’ foods.

Certain foods can put the spark back in your sex life.

“There’s a growing body of evidence that some of the vitamins and components in foods can enhance sexual function and sexual experience,” says Jennifer R. Berman, MD, the director of the Berman Women’s Wellness Center, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Take a look at a few sex-inducing foods:


Avocados aren’t just good for guacamole; they’re good for your heart. Any kind of food that gets your heart pumping will certainly help if you’re trying to spice things up in the bedroom.


Packed with nutrients and minerals like zinc, this snack-sized food is known to increase your sex drive. “Zinc helps enhance libido and sexual desire,” Dr. Jennifer Berman tells Time. “We don’t really understand the mechanisms behind it, but we know it works.” Some even say almonds can improve fertility.


Oysters are probably one of the most well known aphrodisiacs. Like almonds, oysters contain a lot of zinc. If you can get past their slimy texture, they could boost your sex drive.

Citrus fruits

Any kind of citrus fruits should be considered your bedroom’s best friend. Fruits like oranges and grapefruits are packed with antioxidants, which can improve the reproductive health in men.


A bottle of champagne and strawberries can easily inspire romance, but strawberries are actually good your sexual health too. They’re packed with vitamin B and folic acid, which help keep your reproductive organs in tip-top shape.

Get your healthy sex life back on track by eating right.


These little treats are packed with fiber. They’re not only a sex-enhancing food, but they’re also good for waistline. Having a leaner body can’t hurt your sex life, right?

If your love life is in need of more of a pick-me-up than fruits can provide, you should talk with your doctor. You may have erectile dysfunction, a form of impotence that effects millions of men.

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