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Forget an iPad Mini, I Want More Power! – mSecure iPad app


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iPad365 iPad App Show [Audio]

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: iPad App a Day to keep your iPad a Playin

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Forget an iPad Mini, I Want More Power! – mSecure iPad app

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Lately, we have passwords for everything. I continue to get emails stating they had to reset my password because of a breech. So keeping track of passwords can get tough.

Using a program like mSecure can help. It holds important password information, email settings, combination lock numbers, credit cards and more. Using 256 bit Blowfish encryption, people cannot get into your data. You can sync with a Dropbox so your information is not just on one device.

mSecure has a passlock option to the program. That way you don’t need to lock your iPad, but your data is safe. You can choose to self-destruct data after a number of attempts.

This app, by mSeven Software, is $9.99 and available now.

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Could an iPad mini be on the way? I would rather see an i5 iPad anyway.

The rumor on the street is an iPad mini will be released. This is a 7″ iPad to compete with Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble Nook and others. While I don’t mind Microsoft announcement, and make a more powerful iPad – Possibly with an Intel i5 processor inside.

The biggest selling point of the Microsoft Surface tablet will be the unified code. What you write for the desktop, will easily move to your tablet. With iPad, you have to write a separate program if you want it on the Mac.

with an i5 processor, 64-128 GB of storage and 2GB internal RAM, I could easily turn my tablet into a desktop, and run more complex programs. I also wouldn’t have to carry a big laptop or even a Macbook Air with me. Just 1-2 iPads.

The iPad Mini will suffice for the people who just email or surf the web.

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 Forget an iPad Mini, I Want More Power!   mSecure iPad app