iPad365 iPad App Show [Audio]

Comedy Central Indecision Game, iPad Chargers from Target, WalMart


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iPad365 iPad App Show [Audio]

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: iPad App a Day to keep your iPad a Playin

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Comedy Central Indecision Game, iPad Chargers from Target, WalMart

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Today, I look at a great way to get some knowledge of the political area, and beat the pants off some (choose one: Conservative | Liberal | Fence Hugger). iPhone that allows you to play against another person in a trivia contest.

In each round, you are presented with 3 questions. Your opponent is also presented with those 3 questions. Whoever answers the fastest will win. The person with the most correct answers in faster time will receive points to put toward winning a state. After the round, you are presented with a region of the US. You place your votes in the state to take it. Each state will have different numbers. Therefore, you can knock someone out of a state.

The person with the most states at the end, wins the game.

You also get greenbacks to put towards hats, hairstyles and more.

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I went down to Target and Walmart to see what you can buy to charge your iPad. I found a couple low-priced plugs, and a great way to charge your iPad while you are still reading it.

Apple 10W USB iPad Charger

First up is the Apple 10 watt USB Charger. This is the official charger to the iPad. It can charge fast, and is very compact. Just like with the Macbook plug, you can use the small adaptor, or the 6 foot adapter, which will allow you to sit comfortably while the iPad is staying charged.

Belkin USB Swivel wall charger

Next, the Belkin USB Wall Charger. This is a wall-wart charger that sets at 2.1 amps, so it will charge an iPad in a decent amount of time. The wall wart swivels 90 degrees, so you don’t cover up another outlet. The charger is a great alternative.

Walmart USB surge

While at WalMart, I found they were pushing many different types of plugs with USB attachments. One is a 3-plug, 2-USB plug surge strip. For $6, you can plug in a TV, game console, have room for a wall wart, then plug in 2 USB devices. The downfall to this power strip is it only charges at 1 Amp. Fine for your phone, but a 3rd gen iPad will take a lot longer to charge.

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 Comedy Central Indecision Game, iPad Chargers from Target, WalMart