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Cat Ave, Final Nestination iPad Games


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iPad365 iPad App Show [Audio]

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: iPad App a Day to keep your iPad a Playin

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Cat Ave, Final Nestination iPad Games

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Cat Ave game for iPad

Today, I take a look at two Cat Ave – A game that uses cats, mice, birds, and slingshots to the best of their ability. You are a cat lounging aroud, when some birds decide to.. er… attack you. You get upset, so you grab some mice and get ready for retrobution.

The game is very straightforward. You shoot the birds with you mouse sling shot. As you are doing that, watch out for stones and tree stumps – make sure you jump over them.

FInal Nestination for iPad

The new game has a lot of issues, as I couldn’t keep it running for more than 2 minutes. During the video, you will see – crash… crash… crash.

One game that wont crash is called Final Nestination. This is a game where you have to direct birds to their nests. Owls, hawks, blue birds – you draw a line to their nest. Of course, if two birds cross paths,  they will crash, and you will loose.

Both of these games are free. There are HD versions for .99 cents.

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 Cat Ave, Final Nestination iPad Games