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Lars Di Scenza, Patrick Murray, Hope Forster

Ohio and Virginia

Description: Balls Out Podcasting!

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Babymaking at 3×2

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Since the reboot of the 3x2cast, we have been striving to produce relevant, entertaining content, and more importantly, to bring our A game when we turn the mics on.

Well, when you’ve just had a baby, that shit gets thrown out the window to deal with real, literal shit. And screaming. and all the other “joys” of fatherhood. Lars has found this out firsthand, as his son was born as the last podcast two weeks agowas being edited.

So if it seems half the 3×2 team is running on empty, its because a baby means sleep deprivation. At least until you get them to shut up and sleep for 6 hours. The sooner the better.


In the wake of International TableTop Day, we talk about the Indiegogo campaign for TableTop Season 3. They have already met their first funding goal, so we get another season. But we get more episodes if they get to $750k, and $1 million gets us the RPG spinoff series. We want that. Our nads are pulsing for the opportunity to see that, since neither of us can get our RPG action on much anymore.


TODAY’S TOPIC: Lars’ Hideous
    Normally you’d see our subtopics here, but when you measure your sleep time in minutes rather than hours, shit gets all jumbled together. So this is a warning to all geeks out there. Having children is a rewarding experience, especially when they get old enough to game. But it sucks to start out with. as you can hear the slurping.

On the plus side? Star Trek Onsies!




“Black Market Baby” by robothair


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