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3x2 Podcast

Lars Di Scenza, Patrick Murray, Hope Forster

Ohio and Virginia

Description: Balls Out Podcasting!

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The 3x2cast Promo Special

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Well, as we said in our final episode a couple weeks ago, the show’s over. Fuck it. We’re done. Stick a fork in us.

Essentially we outgrew the format restrictions of 3×2. So we’re moving on to greener pastures, AKA Red Shirt Geeks. But before we do, it’s time to get fucking twisted. One last time.



Show’s over. Move along to RedShirtGeeks.com for some zany fun, including the premier podcast, with special guest Richard Hatch. Well, in 2 weeks when we launch. For now, just listen to the promos, weep bitterly, and use your tears as lube.



If the title hasn’t given it away, we took promos from our first 6 seasons, slapped them together, and made a 50+ minute podcast out of them, with just a little Illustrious One bumper to smooth jazz the shit along. There’s no smooth jazz though.




There’s no featured music in this podcast. Mainly because it would take another hour to look up all the music we used in the seasons 2-6 promos, and there’s a few copyrighted bits of music in there too. So if you’re interested, here’s the entire list of promos from 6 seasons. It’s our boring internal text document list, so if you want boring, here it is. but it’ll also tell you which ep had which promo.

Finally, here’s the only audio promo that made it to video:

Watch this video on YouTube.


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The End is Nigh!

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Well 3x2vians,

This is the end of an era for the 3x2 Cast.  We've had a fantastic 3 1/2 years of working on these projects, but alas we must move onto greener pastures.  This last episode is a sendoff to the podcast in all its forms since its inception in November 2012.  What else is there to say...

Free the Interwebz!

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Last Thursday was the "Reset the Net" day. We kind of were too distracted to get anything posted, but with several things we've been talking about amongst ourselves in the Internet-y-ish fold, we decided to slap out an episode about it...

Visiting a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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[Editor's note: This should get us back on our normal bi-weekly schedule, so expect our next podcast 2 Mondays from now. Also, any podcast that falls on a holiday will likely post the next day, partially out of respect, and partially because we don't want to get missed.]...

To Axanar with Alec Peters

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Still lagging from real life, we managed to snag another interview this week, which should delight your ears and make you want to torrent a copy of the old FASA Star Trek RPG (unless you're geeky enough to still have your old copy from the 80's (as the PseudoKiwi does))...

A Few Flicks to Reboot

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We are back from the bouts of sickness and allergy, of babies and kids, work and work, and school and a Diablo III addiction. Really, it was the copious amounts of coughing and hacking and so forth that took us over the top and made us miss our podcast last week. But we saved up enough energy to tea...

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