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#36 – Sweetwater LowRYEder and P-Funk


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1 Beer 1 Song

Tony Simon and Russ Sauve

Atlanta, Georgia

Description: Drink Up and Shut

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#36 – Sweetwater LowRYEder and P-Funk

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This week we sit down with Nick Nock, head brewer of Atlanta’s own LowRYEder IPA. The interview was recorded in one of SweetWater’s cavernous tasting rooms, hence the soothing din of HVAC in the background. Since we had the ear of the man who brews the stuff, we dig in to some of the finer details of the LowRYEder recipe. We also talk about Sweetwater’s massive expansion from a 50-barrel brewhouse to a 400-barrel brewhouse, which is nearing completion.

The song is “Something Stank” from George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, who, COINCIDENTALLY, will be headlining this year’s SweetWater 420 Fest. People of Atlanta, this year’s 420 Fest is your chance to see P-Funk for free. That is all.

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