1 Beer 1 Song

#25 – Evil Twin The Cowboy and The Mountain Goats


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1 Beer 1 Song

Tony Simon and Russ Sauve

Atlanta, Georgia

Description: Drink Up and Shut

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#25 – Evil Twin The Cowboy and The Mountain Goats

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We drink Mikkeller. Whether the name Evil Twin has anything to do with IRL brotherhood, I have no idea. One quarter teaspoon of preparation would have prevented this entire paragraph, and yet, here we are.

The beer. It is interesting how the quality of the beer affects the quality of the banter. Smoke, as a flavor, is risky in general, especially so when dealing with a light style like Pilsner. We struggled a little bit with this one, not going to lie.

The song. I like the Mountain Goats an awful lot, but this was for Russ. In fact, I thought about having him write this paragraph, but I think I read somewhere that WordPress posts have a 900,000 word limit. This episode is worth listening to if only to hear how fast Russ is capable of speaking immediately after the song ends. Oh my god he talks so fast. I’m so excited. I’m so scared.

UPDATED: I was completely wrong about the song. The horn work is great. Tony’s crappy laptop speakers strike again. Sorry Mountain Goats ^R

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